What Are The Advantages Of A Digital X-Ray Machine?

If you have a small practice, a radiology department, or even an emergency room that you manage, your x-ray equipment will likely get used more than just about anything else in the facility. From broken bones and swallowed coins to dislocated joints and pneumonia, the x-ray machine does an excellent job at giving you a view of what is going on inside the human body. However, what would it be like if the whole process of doing an x-ray was simplified? With a digital x-ray machine that is exactly what you get. Here is a look at some of the advantages of a digital x-ray machine in a medical practice office.

Eliminate the long wait that comes along with usual x-ray procedures.

One of the biggest downfalls of traditional x-ray machines is that it can take so long to get the films processed so a doctor can see what is going on. In situations when it is important to get immediate results, the long processing time can be a real danger for some patients. One of the greatest advantages of digital x-ray machines is the imagery is available almost immediately after the procedure is complete, so there is no wait time involved.

Use less radiology to get the same effective view and results.

As a patient, going in for an x-ray comes along with certain understood risks, and the biggest risk is the exposure to radioactive energy during the procedure. However, digital x-ray machines do not use as much radioactive energy to produce the same results. For patients, this can be a major reassurance since it is widely known that being exposed to too much radiation can put you at risk for certain illnesses and diseases. Medical practices that utilize digital x-ray equipment tend to find patients are much more comfortable if they have to have repeated procedures.

Store x-ray imagery electronically and cut down on waste.

Normal x-ray film takes up a lot of space, and, unfortunately, it usually goes in the trash when it is no longer needed. Over the years, this can add up to a great deal of waste coming from just one medical service you provide. With digital x-rays, the imagery is sent directly to a computer system, and it does not have to be printed out or developed unless there is a reason to do so for further examination. Therefore, storage space is not necessary, and waste is reduced.

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