Common Questions About Hearing Aids Answered

A hearing aid can be an important device for compensating for a loss of hearing acuity. However, patients will often find that they are unsure of what to expect from wearing these devices. Without this experience, patients will be unable to effectively make decisions about addressing their hearing loss.

Is It Necessary To Have A Hearing Aid In Both Ears?

Patients will often be hesitant about wearing a hearing aid in each year. However, it should be noted that this may be necessary. Otherwise, the patient's hearing loss will only partially be corrected. Furthermore, the imbalance in the audio can lead to headaches or dizziness.

For these reasons, patients that have hearing loss in both ears will likely benefit from investing in a hearing aid for each ear. However, patients that only experience hearing loss in one ear will be able to only use a hearing aid for the affected ear. By having both of your ears tested for hearing loss, you will be able to easily determine whether one or two hearing aids will be necessary for your situation.

Will A Hearing Aid Be Uncomfortable To Wear?

It may be easy to assume that having something in your ear will be extremely uncomfortable. While it is true that the first hearing aids were fairly uncomfortable, this is not the case for modern units. Modern hearing aids are extensively designed for comfort and performance.

Furthermore, many hearing specialists can take highly detailed measurements of their patients' ears, which will allow a hearing aid to be custom molded to fit their ear canal. As a result, most patients will find that they can quickly adjust to the sensation of wearing their hearing aid.

How Do You Clean Your Hearing Aid?

Keeping your hearing aid clean is vital for ensuring that it is able to continue performing at a high level. When individuals fail to clean their hearing aid every few days, ear wax and dirt will start to clog the small holes that allow the audio from it to enter the ear. This will result in the sound from the hearing aid seeming to be muffled or extremely low.

Luckily, the task of cleaning a hearing aid is fairly easy. By using a cotton swab to gently remove any residue from the exterior of the hearing aid, you will be able to keep its performance as high as possible. If you notice that the hearing aid performance is still insufficient after cleaning it, you may want to have it professionally serviced through a company such as Pacific Hearing Care, as this may indicate that the system is malfunctioning.