3 Tips To Make Standing Up From The Seated Position Easier

There are many conditions that can make standing up from the seated position difficult, such as arthritis or weakness of the leg muscles. Making a few changes to your living space can make the simple task of sitting and standing easier.

Build A Better Bed

When getting out of bed is difficult, there are several changes you can make to your mattress and foundation to make the task easier. Depending on your height, you should invest in a high-profile box spring, which can make your bed several inches taller. If you are not in the market for a new box spring, another option is to place your current mattress and box spring on a metal foundation instead of the traditional bed frame. Generally, metal foundations are approximately 14" high. When combined with both the mattress and box spring, the additional height may be helpful for taller people. Even if you raise the height of your bed, you may need to change your mattress. If your mattress is plush or old, it should be replaced with a firmer mattress. This will prevent the mattress from sinking when you sit down, making it easier to stand up.

Invest In A Lift Chair

A lift chair can be invaluable for your comfort when you are sitting throughout the day. Unlike a recliner that simply reclines backwards, most lift chairs have the ability to recline and adjust to an incline, making it easier to stand up. The versatility of these chairs can also be ideal if you no longer sleep in your bed and find it is more comfortable to sleep or rest in a reclined or almost horizontal position. Although a lift chair is ideal, you may need an alternative. A large wedge pillow is one alternative and can accommodate most seats. Other types of wedges that are made to fit under the couch or recliner cushions can also be useful if you currently have seating that is beginning to sag, making standing difficult.

Raise The Toilet Seat

People who have trouble standing from the seated position often find the toilet can be the most problematic. Fortunately, making the toilet more accommodating is just as simple as replacing the seat with a high-profile option. Generally, the high-profile options may add an extra couple of inches in height, even up to six inches. An alternative to replacing the toilet seat is simply adding a padded cushion over the existing seat. For extra security, you may want to consider adding a railing next to the toilet. A simple option is one that is secured in place with suction cups so you do not have to anchor it to the wall.

Musculoskeletal problems often make standing up from the seated position seem impossible. Many times, simple modifications to your existing furniture can make a significant difference.